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Portland, OR


Free Transform Media offers freelance media production services including videography, photography, biography, and any other -ography you can think of. Founded by Molly Woodstock in 2009, F/T is based in the majestic Pacific Northwest. We believe that everyone has a fascinating and beautiful story to tell; our mission is to preserve and share these stories with a global audience. 


Armed with a degree in documentary film production & editing, Molly has produced and edited a dozen documentary shorts, which have been broadcast on PBS and screened in film festivals from Singapore to Los Angeles. 

"The Vigil" (2013) - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Since October 7th, 2001, the first day of the war in Afghanistan, peace activists in Corvallis, Oregon, have quietly continued the nation’s longest-running protest. These astonishingly dedicated men and women stand outside the Benton County courthouse from 5-6 pm, waving banners and flashing peace signs at passing cars, braving extreme weather, counter-protests, and threats of violence. But as the war enters its twelfth year, three vigil members are losing hope that they will live to see peace, and must decide how long this peace vigil can, and should, continue. 

"Karisma"  (2012) - Co-Director, Editor

Six-year-old Amelia Grace has spent her short life struggling against chronic illness and severe anxiety. To complicate matters, her father is on an extensive tour of duty in Afghanistan. Luckily, Amelia Grace has found comfort through treatment at Bethany's Gait, an equine-assisted psychotherapy center located in San Juan Capistrano, California. 

"The Common Thread" (2012) - Co-Director, Editor

Meet Diamond Dave - a beat poet, political activist and cultural icon who has lived and breathed San Francisco for the past five decades. Through his gregarious personality and unflagging dedication to social change, Diamond Dave personifies the true spirit of San Francisco.