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Portland, OR


Free Transform Media offers freelance media production services including videography, photography, biography, and any other -ography you can think of. Founded by Molly Woodstock in 2009, F/T is based in the majestic Pacific Northwest. We believe that everyone has a fascinating and beautiful story to tell; our mission is to preserve and share these stories with a global audience. 

My Story

My life has always revolved around swapping stories. As soon as I learned to talk, I began endlessly pestering my parents to tell me stories that spanned 100-mile drives. The first book I remember reading is “Dragons Don’t Cook Pizza;” the first that I recall writing was about a family of beetles, called “Friends.”

Visual storytelling also fascinated me from an early age.  I enjoyed experimenting with Polaroids and trick photography, and soon began borrowing my mother’s digital camera to document AYSO soccer games. At age eight, I filmed a series of music videos for DEMO, a pop group I founded that, bafflingly, never made it big. I also created a spin-off of Scooby-Doo, “Ducky-Doo,” which I filmed in installments at my ninth and tenth birthday parties.

At eighteen, I moved to Orange County, where I ironically became a feminist vegan social activist documentarian. (I also hosted a weekly radio show called “Woohoo! Sasquatch!”)  After earning my B.F.A. in film production at Chapman University, I returned to the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

I currently serve as health editor at Portland Monthly Magazine, where I manage a body-positive and trans-inclusive wellness blog. I'm also the digital content editor at Sagacity Media, where I produce more than 100 articles each year for Travel Portland, and edit Oregon Health & Science University's Kids' Health Annual and Women's Health Annual.   

Photo: Zach Rifai

Photo: Zach Rifai